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guardian angel by ~LinART

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Does anyone know if Cas is gonna be on tonight’s episode?
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Welp I got Champion in both divisions I went in :3
I won two saddle pads lol they’re cute!

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So this weekend is gonna be kinda insane for me.

Firstly, on Saturday, I’m going to a show with Cas (who’s barn name is actually Isaac, but YOLO) so that will take pretty much all day. It’s my first show of the year too, so I’m super excited wheeee :D I think I’ll be doing 2’6, since It’s my first show with Cas, and I’ve only done a couple 3’ jumps on him so far, but it’ll still be really fun. :D

Thennn on Sunday I’m trailering Patrick to the barn where I keep Cas, because we’re gonna board him there too. It’s just been really difficult to go back and forth between the two barns (they’re like, 40 minutes away from eachother) and I haven’t been able to see Patrick as much as I’d like to lately. So this is for the best, but I will really miss the barn he’s at now. It’s the only barn I’ve really boarded at until now, and we’ve been there for almost 6 years. So, I’m excited to move Patrick, but it’s still a little bittersweet.

Anyway, I will literally have no time for anything else this weekend lol, but that’s okay, it will be a fun few days ahaha, especially since Patrick is terrified of trailers :|

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Me and Cas :)

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So I might be taking Cas to a horseshow next weekend


which would be awesome even though I’ve only been riding him for like 2 weeks lol

but I did show JP the very first day I leased him and that went surprisingly well

Plus, I already feel really confident on Cas even though I’ve been riding him for such a short time. He’s actually a really great horse and we did some jumping courses the other day and that was really fun.

I hope we go to the show :D it would be my first of the year

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So, Cas.

We aren’t buying Cas, because his x-rays showed something wrong in his pasterns. We will be leasing him however, because he will still be able to work and jump and everything for a few more years, and







so we are full leasing him until he needs to be retired.

Good news/bad news I’d say.

It’s not even the fact that I’m upset we aren’t buying him for real, I mean, yeah that upsets me, but the real thing is that I feel such a strong connection to this horse

and if I was that sad not leasing JP anymore, when we never truely clicked (I love JP, but it wasn’t a true partnership with him) and I only leased JP for 6 months or so

Imagine how heartbroken I will be after having leased Cas for, what looks like a couple years or so

His owners don’t even live in state so it will be like he’s mine

therefore it will feel like I’m selling him when it comes time

and that terrifies me.

Don’t get me wrong, I am really glad I get to have him at all. I haven’t felt a connection with a horse this strong besides Patrick, and I’ve only know Cas for a little over a week.

The funny thing is, after my first ride on him, I didn’t want him at all.

Then I got to know him, his gait, his strides, his personality.

And I fell in love.

What do you do when you know for certain that a love is going to end in heartbreak?

Sorry if I’m ranting or rambling or whatever, I just really needed to talk about this. I’m super excited to ride and show and get to know Cas better, and for now, I will focus on the now. I’ll focus on the jumps we will jump, the hacks we will go on, the shows we will do well in, even the shows we won’t, and I can’t wait for all those.