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So this weekend is gonna be kinda insane for me.

Firstly, on Saturday, I’m going to a show with Cas (who’s barn name is actually Isaac, but YOLO) so that will take pretty much all day. It’s my first show of the year too, so I’m super excited wheeee :D I think I’ll be doing 2’6, since It’s my first show with Cas, and I’ve only done a couple 3’ jumps on him so far, but it’ll still be really fun. :D

Thennn on Sunday I’m trailering Patrick to the barn where I keep Cas, because we’re gonna board him there too. It’s just been really difficult to go back and forth between the two barns (they’re like, 40 minutes away from eachother) and I haven’t been able to see Patrick as much as I’d like to lately. So this is for the best, but I will really miss the barn he’s at now. It’s the only barn I’ve really boarded at until now, and we’ve been there for almost 6 years. So, I’m excited to move Patrick, but it’s still a little bittersweet.

Anyway, I will literally have no time for anything else this weekend lol, but that’s okay, it will be a fun few days ahaha, especially since Patrick is terrified of trailers :|

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thanks for the submission! giveupthemachinegun

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Horse Survey ♥

Your Horse’s Name: Zanitas Image aka Patrick
Discipline: Well, he doesn’t do anything specific anymore. Mostly we just goof off bareback/brideless and stuff.
Bad Habits: Eating the cross-ties, pooping in his bucket -.-
Markings: Blaze and 3 socks
Gender: Gelding
Age: 21
Breed: Quarter Horse
History: My old instructor used to ride him, so that’s how I found him. He was bought before me by some kid who rode him, like once, before deciding she didn’t want him (what the fuck though,) so he hadn’t been ridden in like 5 years when I bought him. My first and only horse as of right now. ♥ I’ve had him for almost 6 years.

Favorite Treats: Smarties
Buck? Not anymore xD
Rear? Nope
Jump? Used to, not so much anymore, but every once in a while.
Load Easily? ahahah no
Greenie or Push Button? Neither
Ever Seriously Injured/Sick? Once he colicked so bad he almost needed surgery. It was terrifying…
Like Human Food? Like I said, Smarties are his favorite, but he loves anything with sugar. He really likes root beer ahaha
Saddle: HDR
Pad Color: Light Blue/Dark Blue reversable
Halter Color: Light Blue
Lead Color? Blue (Sensing a pattern here?)
Lunge Well? Yes, especially free lunging :L
Done Something Other Than Regular Discipline? Barrels, Jumping, Insane galloping across the field :3
Have Good Manners? Yep!
Bite? Not often at all
Good With Children? Sure
School Horse? He only really listens to me and my mom, so probably not lol
Good With Strangers? Pretty good
Get Pampered? ahaha yes
Love What He Does? Well he loves to hang out with me, and that’s what we do. He really likes when we do crazy shit like galloping bareback lol
Personality Traits: Little Green Monster xD, he gets jealous sooooo easily. I can’t even pet other horses in the field without him charging at them 0_o He’s also very sweet though, and he loves to cuddle.
Love His Home? Yes
Stall/Pasture Buddies? He’s more of a loner in the field, but he likes a couple of the horses

Have You Ever…?
Jumped? Yes!
Dressage? Lol
Fallen Off? Yeahhhh
Slept in His Stall? Yes
Gotten Seriously Injured Because of Horses? Yup ahaha
Fallen Off and Gotten Right Back On? Every time. Except the seriously injured time :P
Ridden With No Tack? Yesss
Ridden Without Stirrups? Yep
Ridden Bareback? Yes
Crosscountry Jumped? Not officially
Cried Because of Your Horse? Yeah
Spent More Than $2,000 On One Trip To the Tack Store? Noooo ahaha
Fed Your Own Horse? Yeppp, I work at his barn so I feed all of em
Mixed Feed? Yep
Ridden Next to a Road? Yep
Taught a Lesson? Not an official lesson ahaha
Trained a Horse? Yes
Used Thrush Buster? No
Given Dewormers? Yes

This Or That:
Thoroughbred or Quarter Horse: Both
Snaffle or Kimberwick: Snaffle.
Spurs or Crop: Um, spurs I guess, but only if you know how to use them
Close Contact or All-Purpose: All-purpose.
English or Western: English
Show or Pleasure: Both

Discipline or Free Rein: Discipline

Indoor or Outdoor: Outdoor
Arena or Trails: Both

Ever gone swimming with your horse? I WISHHHH
Ever galloped a racehorse? No lol
Even jumped your own height on horseback? Ahaha not yettt (more than halfway though)
Ever gone to see your horse, even though you know you don’t have time? Yess
Ever jumped through a flaming hoop? Wut
Ever gotten a championship before? Yeah
Ever said goodbye to your favorite horse, tears streaming down your face? When Pokey died I wasn’t there, but I sobbed when I found out.
Ever taken off polo wraps in formal wear? Uhhhhh
Ever accidentally gotten your horse sick? No
Ever ridden into the sunset, feeling like John Wayne? Like a boss
Do you like helmets? I suppose
Do you prefer greenies or push-button horses? I like all horses.
What kind of saddle do you own? HDR, Some starter English saddle from forever ago, and a barrel saddle
Plan on owning your own farm someday? Yes.

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Patrick Tag ♥
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While I was grooming Patrick, I gave him a long lecture as to why Cas loves Dean.

My sanity is slowly but surely being lost to the hands of destiel.