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What if the Courage collage and Blaine’s (teehee!) tenth grade school photo went into a scrapbook? It would be perfect for the scrapbook I have in mind.

Turn to page one and you’ll find a playbill from a local community theater production of Rent, a Dalton brochure, and a Lima Bean receipt. As you go further, you’ll find movie stubs and sheet music. Stickers and doodles of songbirds. 

A crumpled looking piece of paper with the words Kurt + Blaine inside of a heart, written in red ink. It looks to have been rescued from a trash bin. 

A yellow feather.

A sequin. 

Tickets to prom.

A pressed daisy.

A swatch of fabric cut from Blaine’s Dalton tie. Outfit schedules. Dream solos for Sectionals. Scraps of paper passed between classes. 

There is a gap of time where nothing is put in the scrapbook besides an old school photo and a courage collage. 

A Greyhound bus schedule, listing buses leaving from Columbus to NYC. The numbers of days, miles, and holidays between Kurt’s graduation and the start of their life together in the city. 

Letters, letters, letters. They’re both a little old fashioned. 

Graduation tassels dated 2012 and 2013.  

A list of coffeehouses near the NYU and NYADA campuses. Paint swatches. 

The book will later sit in their first apartment’s living room on the coffee table. It’s in plain sight, but it’s still the perfect hiding spot. Blaine never turns to the last page.

That’s where Kurt has tucked the ring away. 

#thanks for the feels  #no really  #otp: i'd withstand all of hell to hold your hand  


My ultimate OTP’s A.K.A. Shipping is a lifestyle choice, bitch!

Dean Winchester & Castiel (Supernatural)

You can dig me up a grave and try and stick me in the ground. Leave me here to die alone, but I’ll still follow you home…