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i HATE when people don’t respect their horses. they aren’t machines.
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jesse vs. finn: 10 reasons




1. when rachel wants to do something unconventional

2. when they critique rachel

3. when they get to second base

4. when rachel makes it clear that she doesn’t want to have sex

5. when there is competition for her affection/attention

6. when it would be appropriate to apologize

7. when it comes time to prepare for nationals

8. when rachel shows her insecurities

9. when rachel is with someone else

10. when rachel is talking to him



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If you’re a guy and you ride horses you might as well get in my bed right now.

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Today, while we honor the brave men and women who have served our country since it’s founding, let’s not forget to give special thanks to the animal heroes who have fought alongside them. To the dogs, horses, birds, and other animals who have assisted in protecting our country- my thanks goes to you.
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You know what pisses me off?


If Castiel’s vessel had turned out to be female, he and Dean would have had fucking grandchildren by now.

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It really bothers me when people think 15.5hh is a height for a horse.
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The Born-Again Identity: AKA Get your panties out of a twist.


I don’t think they left Cas out of cruelty but more for safety measures. You heard Meg, Crowley will be crawling for him as soon as he hears—and the rumors had already started, remember?

Not only that, but let’s think about the fact that Lucifer is now inside his head. How is he going to be out in the world, hunting and fighting and smiting people if Luci is hanging about, being an obnoxious toddler?! It’s ludicrous to think that even possible. He’s going to need to be isolated for awhile, until they can figure out how to fix him too. 

If Dean has been carrying that dirty, filthy, bloody trench coat in EVERY CAR he’s been in thus far since Cas’ death and he believed he’d come back… do you really and truly think he will let him rot in a psychiatric ward? Fuck no. No, let’s be reasonable. I think if anything, after this, Cas has redeemed himself to Dean in a way that Dean can’t ever get over. 

He will come back. 

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I’m curious..


What do people get out of hunting? Whats so satisfying about killing and taking a beautiful animals life, and posing for multiple pictures with its dead body, and stuffing the fuck out of it and hanging it out your wall or around your house? How is that fun? How do you not feel bad about taking an animals life? I understand this is a hobby and I am not trying to disrespect anyone who likes it..I just will never be able to understand how people can do that without feeling guilty.

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Stonehenge Apocalypse


Misha was right; this is a pretty bad movie. But it is worth watching to see Misha on my screen…

This man is so perfect…