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So Isaac is in Ohio already for the show, (I’m going up on tomorrow) so I had my lesson on Wynne. I was just not gonna have a lesson this week, but I had to test-ride a saddle and my mom wanted me to jump in it, so I couldn’t just ride Patrick.

My lesson was really fun though! My mom and I kinda shared it, she got to have a bit of the lesson with Patrick, and I got a bit of it with Wynne.

We jumped a couple 3’ jumps, and I honestly have no idea how Wynne gets over them, she’s like a small draft horse haha

Last time I jumped her 3’ it felt like she really had to push herself over them, this time it was like she was floating over a 2’

She’s so awesome lol I love getting to ride her every once in a while

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My favorite lesson horse, Wynne :)

I miss riding her though D:

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riding lesson on Wynne from yesterday

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Me and Wynne at my lesson yesterday.

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So, yesterday for my lesson I rode Wynne, who I love and I haven’t ridden her in ages.
The bad news is Kaylee has a hoof abcess, and that’s why I can’t ride her. :(

Looks like if Kaylee’s not better soon I will be riding Wynn for the schooling show in a few weeks, and I’m pretty sure it will be her first show. :P

But she’s an awesome horse. She looks kind of like a 16 hand high pony xD

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Jumping Wynne